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shortcut to pluto
polish up that old rocketship,
'cause you're in for a wait;
there's no shortcut to pluto,
but at least the path is straight.
Cripes, that title is hideous. That was not supposed to be nearly so large. It was supposed to be 16 pt. Oh well. This will all be archived before anyone sees it anyhow. :)

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Cripes, that title is hideous. That was not supposed to be nearly so large. It was supposed to be 16 pt. Oh well. This will all be archived before anyone sees it anyhow. :)
One Man's (Horribly Innacurate) Oscar Picks

Why, you ask, am I making oscar picks? I, the man who has seen approximately 2.3 of the movies nominated in the major categories ("Gladiator", "Cast Away", and parts of "Erin Brockovich")? Because I can, that's why.

Look, don't go betting the farm (or betting at all, you little rascal) on these picks. They are sure to be wrong. But, I just thought I'd make some semi-random choices, and compare my results to those of the so-called experts that get paid inordinate sums of money to do this. My guess is that I do reasonably well. We'll see.

Anywho, on to the picks...
Best Picture
I'm tempted to go with "Traffic:, based on the near-orgasmic response it received from critics. But the pick is "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", thanks to slightly more movie-wise friends who have been raving over it for weeks. I really should see it soon, before it leaves theaters altogether.

Best Actress (ladies first)
This is probably the easiest category, if only because I can tell that the Academy is going to reward Julia Roberts for being a movie that didn't actually suck. What I saw of "Erin Brockovich" was entertaining, though not exactly riveting, which compared to her past work ("Conspiracy Theory", "My Best Friend's Wedding", "Notting Hill", "Mary Reilly", "Pretty Woman" etc. etc. etc.. ugh.) is really something. Actually, I shouldn't be so harsh. She was good as Tinkerbell in "Hook". But I digress...

Best Actor
Tom Hanks in a runaway. Anybody who can make a 2 and a half hour movie where the primary co-stars are a volleyball and Helen "Eternally Forlorn" Hunt not just entertaining, but very much so, gets my vote.

Best Supporting Actress
In a pick based solely on looks, Kate Hudson. Before you castigate me, remember that I have seen none of those movies, and I do know that my parents loved "Almost Famous", so there's outside affirmation for my pick, too.

Best Supporting Actor
Benicio Del Toro. Damn, this guy can act. I haven't seen "Traffic", but from what I hear he's excellent. Which is no surprise if you've seen "The Usual Suspects", "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" or "Snatch". Plus, he's got a kick-ass name. Blessing of the Bull is a rough translation. Very rough.

Best Director
Ang Lee for "Crouching Tiger...". Just the promos have convinced me that Lee is deserving. Crikey, that's some amazing stuff.

Original Song
This category is included only so I can pick Bjork (for "I've Seen It All", from "Dancer in the Dark") to win an Oscar. I don't really think she'll win, but she's just so cool, I had to do it.

And thus wraps up my prognostications. You'll notice I didn't pick "Gladiator" to win any awards. That isn't because I didn't like it; I enjoyed it immensely. But in each category, there was just a better option. So my apologies to Russell Crowe and company, although if they are worried about my picks, they need to go back to the Betty Ford clinic.

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Okay, now that I finally got my template to work, I can start the blog in earnest. As of right now, I'm not exactly sure what it will be, but I will try to stay away from the trivial trials and tribulations of life, and stick to things that the Loyal Reader (is it too early for that?) might find a tad more interesting.

But what exactly that entails, I haven't the slightest clue. I will most likely be cross-posting my poetry here and in my OpenDiary (the OD link above), as well as some probable other cross-posts involving my philosophical ramblings. As far as exclusive blog content, I'm thinking mostly just weird stuff I find on the 'net, plus my photoshop experiments, and possibly some rants and recommendations (music, movies, books, etc.). It should be entertaining, at any rate.

If you can't wait any longer, go check out my OD. It's got lots of goodies for you to gnaw on.

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